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​​​​​​​​​​ Orlando Vacation Equipment Rental 

We are a family of four originally from the UK but now based in Clermont close to Disney. We hear the Disney fireworks most nights from our home. The idea for our business came on one of our regular vacations to Orlando staying in a private villa on a nice resort near to shops and restaurants. We all said how we would have liked to have had cycles so we could explore the area or go for lunch on the bikes. This got us thinking about other items it would have been great to have had available in the villa. My wife liked the idea of visiting quiet beaches in total luxury with comfortable beach chairs, drinks cooler, beach shelter and beach caddy. Our children liked the idea of a games room and Xbox for those days not at the parks or beach and I fancied a round of golf so golf clubs were my pick. These are all expensive items you can't afford to just go out and buy for a short vacation then throw away. Our wish list grew over the two week vacation so an idea was born to give vacationers that extra luxury, comfort, relaxation and fun at an economical price so you can really get the most out of your well deserved vacation.

Our business is a family run operation with everyone helping out and we work hard to provide the personal touch to each and every rental, something only a company our size can do. My wife and I each have over 20 years experience in customer facing roles and we know how important customer service is, especially on your vacation, a special time you have planned and saved for. We understand that so the person who delivers your rental item is also the person who picks it up. That allows us to get immediate feedback both good and bad so we can make the next rental even better. We like it like that and so do all of our clients, it's those touches that make the difference. All of our equipment is of the highest quality, personally sourced and purchased new by us so you can be totally confident that the rental equipment you receive is clean and in great condition.