Note: Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the exact contents of each pack, due to availability issues sometimes we may have to substitute items with an alternative item from time to time. The alternative item will be as close as possible to the substituted item and will be of an equivalent value and quality.   

750ml Bottle of Prosecco

1 x Punnet of strawberries

1 x Small box of chocolates

1 x Love heart helium balloon 

Instant coffee, tea, milk & sugar sachets

Loaf of bread



Orange juice

6 Eggs

Pack of bacon

Medium box of cereal

6 x cans of soda

6 x bottles of water


Birthday Surprise pack $45

'Thank you' pack $50

1 x Large 'Happy Birthday' cookie cake 

(Cake can be personalized)

3 x Birthday helium balloons 

1 x 6 pack of Budweiser beer

1 x 750ml Bottle of white wine

1 x 750ml Bottle of red wine 

Pool Pack $55

Childs Surprise pack $45

4 Pack toilet tissue

1 x Kitchen roll

Bottle washing up liquid

2 x sink sponge

Pack of disinfecting wipes

Pack of dishwasher tabs

16 x Laundry pods

Fabric conditioner

16 x Dryer sheets

10 x Trash bags 

Welcome Pack 2 $65

1 x ​Inflatable alligator

1 x Inflatible lilo

2 x Pool noodles

1 x Inflatable beach ball.

Welcome Pack 3 $105

Drinks pack $40 (add to WP 1,2,3)

​Popcorn bucket

Pool toy

Character toy


Coloring book


Glow sticks

Two boxes of candy

Box of goldfish crackers

Helium balloon to suit girl or boy or birthday.

Colored bow to suit boy or girl.

Laundry Pack $50

Welcome Pack 1 $50

We offer Welcome packs so after your long and tiring journey your vacation accommodation will have all the necessities, and maybe a few treats, already waiting for you. No need to stop at unfamiliar supermarkets with a car full of luggage or have to find your accommodation only to then have to go back out and shop when all you want to do is relax!  Welcome packs 2 & 3 cater for your first evening meal (pizza) and snacks! We even offer a pool toy pack so you can get in the pool and have fun as soon as you arrive! We also offer Surprise and Thank You packs for that perfect surprise for someone or just as a treat for yourself! 

​To order Welcome or Surprise packs please e-mail:  

Instant coffee, tea, milk & sugar sachets
2 x Loaf of bread
Orange juice
12 Eggs
Pack of bacon
Large box of cereal
12 x cans of soda
12 x bottles of water

2 x Small block of cheese

2 x Large bag of chips (crisps)

4 x medium cheese pizzas

Instant coffee, tea, milk & sugar sachets
Loaf of bread
Orange juice
6 Eggs
Pack of bacon
Medium box of cereal
6 x cans of soda
6 x bottles of water

Small block of cheese

Large bag of chips (crisps)

2 x medium cheese pizzas


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